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Dermatologist (9)

Ear, Nose and Throat (6)

Pediatrician (36)

Dentist (15)

Dietician (6)

Cardiologist (21)

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Customer Reviews

Khadeja A.

Don’t take your child to clinics - use this!

When you or your child is sick, the last thing you want to do is drag yourself off to a doctor's office or emergency care unit to wait sometimes for hours. This app lets you stay in your home and get the same care.

Omar K.

Wow wow wow 😍

This is amazing! I got the stomach flu and couldn’t get myself to stand up due to nausea and muscle ache. The app assigned me a doctor in 5 minutes and saved me money! The doctor was very knowledgeable and prescription appeared on my screen immediately.

Anastasia V.

Changed the way I see doctors!

The doctor was very professional and so friendly. This was fast and super easy. I have no words for how happy I am about this app. THANK YOU for this service!!! I will definitely spread the news. A+++

Durra L.

Great for cabin crew 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻

I never review apps however, am a flight attendant and this app has been truly a life saver, without it would have call sick many times. It’s quick and affordable.

Ahmed K.

I love technology

I can’t say enough about this app and how genius whoever invented this. I hate going to the doctor’s office. Not because I don’t love my doctor, but when I’m sick I don’t want to go outside. Seriously, it’s times like these I’m so thankful for technology.

Muttaz Q.

Pefrect for busy people

I have two children and going to the hospital everytime they need medical attention was a challenge since my wife and I have jobs in the morning, Instadoctor app was fast and easy. great invention

About InstaDoctor

InstaDoctor is an online marketplace for doctors and hospitals providing online health care through video calls between the users of the app and locally certified doctors from nearby hospitals. Users can access the service from any device that have a front-facing camera such as smartphone, tablet or computer. Docotors listed on InstaDoctor can treat wide range of medical issues using the online video call.
InstaDoctor provides additional services such as medicine home delivery, blood sample home pick-up and healthcare provider’s reviews.
Local hospitals, certified doctors and local labs can register on the InstaDoctor to provide their services online, they can setup their own pricing structure and can manage their own reviews.
Meet locally certified doctors from nearby hospitals online using any smartphone, tablet or computer. Doctors listed on InstaDoctor can treat wide range of medical issues using the online video call.