Brief introduction about insta Doctor

Do you wish to get a doctor on call right away? Are you too tired? Or perhaps too sick to visit the hospital? Then you are at the right place. Welcome to InstaDoctor. Experience our absolutely best online therapy. Basically InstaDoctor is an online doctor service. We are not only available at Dubai. But also in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Here we are going to discuss about InstaDoctor.

Intro to InstaDoctor:

This online portal is a way of connecting patients with doctors. Without real hospital visits. The app users can easily consult certified doctors in the vicinity. This is done through video calls. So it’s pretty much like having a house call doctor. Or you can say home visit doctor.

Video Communication Service:

Furthermore you can meet the practitioner instantly. Besides the video communication can be done in many ways. For instance smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet. Hence this is the swiftest method to seek medical help. Especially from the comfort of your home. It is also the most convenient means to have a doctor at home virtually.

Medical Conditions Treated:

It should be noted that our doctors are capable of treating diverse medical problems. And they are:

  • ● Pediatric
  • ● Gynecology
  • ● Kidney and urine
  • ● General physician
  • ● Dermatology
  • ● Psychiatry
  • ● Stomach and digestion
  • ● Sexology

Additional Services Provided:

On top of that we offer additional services as well. We supply pharmacy delivery at your doorstep. Other than that we also offer home pick up of blood samples. And reviews of healthcare providers are also at your disposal. Therefore you can get an idea about the doctors through the reviews. And further choose the medical practitioner as you wish. What more do you need? All at the ease and solace of your home.

Feel the delight of having at home doctor. Simply register. And then log in. Next choose the medic that you prefer. Finally connect through video call. And subsequently get diagnosed. Do inquire with us. If you wish to know more about InstaDoctor. We are always at your service. Whenever you need us.